Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is simply the process of traveling overseas for medical procedures. Europeans have been traveling outside their country for decades seeking more affordable medical procedures without the long waiting periods.

Am I a candidate to travel overseas for medical procedures?

It depends on your personal circumstances. Many people decide to travel as having the treatment overseas with a holiday afterwards can cost about the same as just having the procedure alone in Australia. Of course, this depends on the type of procedure you’re having.

  • Perhaps you’re looking for privacy. Many people decide to have their plastic surgery done overseas so that they can have the procedure, and have a discrete recovery afterwards.
  • Others decide to travel overseas to save on the plastic surgery or dental work they were quoted at home.
  • Or perhaps you need medical treatment, but you are not insured; or your insurance cover is limited; or it does not cover the specific treatment you need.
  • Another reason may be that you’re in need of urgent medical treatment, but there’s a long waiting list at home.
  • Or perhaps you need a medical treatment, but the facilities are not available at home.
  • Maybe you’re planning a holiday anyway, and it’s a good time to address some general health needs while you’re away – such as a general dental or health check-up.
What kind of healthcare do medical tourist obtain?

Medical procedures can be purely elective procedures such as breast augmentations, face lifts, dental crowns, and dental implants; to more serious procedures like joint replacements, and cardiac bypass surgery.

What services are included?

At Safe Haven Medical Holiday we can organize the whole medical travel experience for you. Our service includes travel and accommodation booking, airport pick up, all return transfers to your hotel, booking your doctor, a personal assistant or nurse, booking your holiday destination and activities for your recovery time.

Why should I consider dental or cosmetic surgery in the Philippines?

The Philippines has internationally recognized health care professionals. Filipino doctors have excellent healthcare education and training, a lot of them are trained or have worked in the United States and other countries, and keep up to date with international medical developments.

What happens if something goes wrong?

This is a common concern people have when considering medical care overseas. Even if you are going for a simple dental procedure or surgery, you should always consider “what if something goes wrong? “.

At Safe Haven Medical Holiday we encourage all our clients to get a Medical Travel Complication/Accident Cover. You will be covered up to six months from the date of your medical procedure in case of a complication arising from a covered medical procedure.

Why is dental care and cosmetic surgery in the Philippines so much cheaper than in Australia?

There are a few factors that need to be considered for the vast difference in price for most medical procedures in the Philippines. The medical salaries of nurses and healthcare personnel are much lower than those in Australia and most western countries.

Other factors are lower overheads, lower construction cost for hospitals and clinics, no accounts receivable issues with medical travel patients as they all settle their accounts before release from Hospital, and lower Government taxes.

How long do I need to stay overseas for my treatment?

The time you are required to stay overseas varies depending on the medical procedure you are seeking, and you will be advised by your surgeon. In some cases for major dental work you may be required to attend clinic more than once, in most cases it`s only a matter of days. Most people take the opportunity to have a holiday and recoup in a beautiful Island destination.

How can I trust the doctors and medical facilities?

The educational standards, training and facilities in the Philippines are at par with those existing in Australia. All the doctors we are affiliated with have been screened with stringent criteria by the founders of Safe Haven Medical Holiday.

All our doctors are licensed, board certified, highly qualified, experienced and“highly regarded” in their respective specialties. We recommend that you review your potential doctor`s resume and make as many pre-treatment enquiries as you need to make you feel comfortable with your choice.

What happens if I arrive at my destination and I decide not to proceed with my medical treatment?

At Safe Haven Medical Holiday we offer a low risk Guarantee, assuring you that if you decide not to go ahead with your medical procedure after meeting your doctor and touring the hospital or clinic, there will be no charge from your doctor and we will refund you the $350 fee for our service you paid before leaving Australia or New Zealand.

Is the Philippines a safe country to visit?

The Philippines has always been a safe country to live in and visit. In fact you will be amazed by the amount of Australians and other Westerners who have made the Philippines their home. In the recent years the number of international visitors to the Philippines has increased dramatically. Filipinos are generally respectful, peace loving and helpful.

Do I need to obtain a Visa before departing Australia?

There is no need to obtain an entry visa to the Philippines for Australian and New Zealand nationals who intend to stay for a period of 30 days or less.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes you can, in fact bringing a family member or a friend for support and company is ideal.

Why should I use Safe Haven Medical Holiday?

At Safe Haven Medical Holiday we can assist you with everything you need for a pleasant Medical holiday experience to the Philippines.

We put safety first by making sure our clients are fit to travel and have fully understood the terms and conditions of travel with us. When using our service you can rest assured that you will not pay any more for your medical procedure than if you were to go direct. That also applies for all your travel and accommodation bookings and fun activities you may decide to take during your recoup time in your selected Island destination.

Can I organize my own travel?

Yes definitely, you can organize your own flight and hotel if you wish.

You can also use our service to book your flight and accommodation, knowing that you will be paying the same amount or less. When you book through us, your bookings will be made by our affiliated local licensed travel agent in the Philippines. Our service fee for organizing the bookings and correspondence with our medical team is $200.