Root Canal

Root Canal treatment

Root Canal

This is a procedure that treats damaged pulp by replacing it with fillings. The pulp is a tissue that provides nutrients, oxygen and feeling to the tooth. This is located at the hollow center of the tooth.
The main step of a root canal is to remove the pulp from the tooth. The root canal is then cleaned using a drill. Then filling materials are added into the root.

Our Pricing

1 Canal

PHP 10,000
AUD 286

2 Canals

PHP 15,000
AUD 429

3 Canals

PHP 21,000
AUD 600

  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • AUD price is based on calculating the exchange rate of AUD1 = PHP 35
  • All prices are indicative prices and may vary from the final treatment price. We recommend to contact us for more accurate treatment plan.
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