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We’ve been through this too. That’s how we discovered all the amazing benefits of having our teeth cared for by our wonderful dentists in Manila.

Our multi-disciplinary team of dental specialists understand what a difference it makes having a sensational, healthy smile. Whether you’re looking for beautiful, natural looking cosmetic enhancements or are in need of major dental repairs, we can look after you with our full range of dental treatments.

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Our multi-specialty dental center give you the convenience of having all your dental needs met in one location. Having your specialists together in one center gives enormous benefits to you in terms of convenience and ensuring a holistic dental plan that your specialists develop as a team.

So you can have general dentistry (x-rays, teeth cleaning), consultations with specialist cosmetic dentists, periodontists (gum treatment), endodontists (root canal treatment), oral surgeons and orthodontists (braces and implants) – giving you access to comprehensive dental care within one practice.

Our specialists are committed to staying across the latest developments in dentistry and are regularly attending conferences all over the world. They take time to listen to your needs and concerns, explain each procedure, and provide all our patients with impeccable standards of care.

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Our Dental Surgeons in the Philippines

Over 10,000 Australians now travel overseas annually seeking dental treatment. We understand it’s difficult to know where to begin when looking for overseas dentists.

That’s why we’ve taken out all the guesswork for you.

We have selected and work with a small number of fully accredited dentists, and we’ve been to them for treatment ourselves.

Our friendly dental surgeons are at the cutting edge of advances in dental technology and are dedicated to making it a safe, pleasant and comfortable experience for you.

Let us introduce you to some of our favorite dental specialists

Dr. Jay Hansel Tabje DMD (Surgeon)

Dr. Jay Hansel Tabije DMD (Surgeon)

Dr. Hansel specializes in implant surgery. As a head dentist, lecturer and faculty member of the University of the East College of Dentistry, Dr. Hansel is a highly regarded specialist in his field.

Dr. Hansel lectures internationally and has recently returned from a clinical fellowship at the Clinic for Cranio-Maxillo- Facial & Oral Surgery in Innsbruck, Austria. He is also the Executive Director, Philippine College of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (2014-2016).

Dr. Hansel holds the following fellowships:

  • Fellow, Philippine College of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (PCOMS)
  • Affiliate Fellow, Philippine Academy for Head & Neck Surgery (PAHNSI)
  • Fellow, Asian Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • Member, AOCMF
  • Member, Philippine Dental Association (PDA)
  • Member, Manila Dental Society

Dr. Hansel gained his Bachelor of Science in Dentistry at University of the East in 2003.

His other qualifications include:

  • Fellow Specialist in oral & maxillofacial Surgery, Professional Regulation Commission 2015
  • Alpha Bio Dental Implant training Center, Implant Dentistry 2005
  • Chief Resident, St Jude Hospital and Med. Centre, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 2005-2010
  • University of the East MS Dental Education 2012-ongoing
Dr. Alberto Banaag DDM

Dr. Alberto Banaag, DDM

Dr. Alberto “Butch” Banaag is the first dentist we met in the Philippines. We have been seeing him for more than 4 years and are delighted with all the work he’s done for us. Educated in the University of the Philippines and has worked in Bel-Air Dental since 1987.  Prior to this he was Chief Dentist at St Patrick’s Clinic and Laboratory, Mandaluyong.  Dr. Butch can fix all your dental issues – from root canal to fillings and veneers.

Dr.Banaag has extensive experience in all facets of general dentistry and holds the following educational qualifications:

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine, University of the Philippines
  • National Dental Board Examination, ranked 5th among thirteen hundred examinees

His affiliations include:                         

  • Philippine Dental Association
  • Member, Makati Dental Society
Dr. Blessing Joy Tamayo

Dr. Blessing Joy Tamayo

Dr Blessing has always had a passion for dentistry and a personal commitment to continuing education in dentistry in order to improve her skills and to enable her to provide a diverse range of treatment options. Dr Blessing prides herself in delivering the latest dental technology to service the needs of her patients with the most up-to-date and cutting edge innovations available.

Doctor Blessing ‘Blessy” has an established wealth of knowledge in General and Restorative Dentistry that is particularly well recognized among her international patients.

Blessy holds the following educational qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Dentistry, year 2007 from Iloilo Doctors’ College School of Dentistry
  • National Dental Board Examination, December 2007
  • Iloilo Doctor’s College School of Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Medicine, March 2007
  • Dumangas Polytechnic  College Iloilo City Philippines,2001

Her affiliations include:

  • Philippine Dental Association
  • Member, Makati Dental Society
  • The Philippine Society For Orthodontics, Inc
  • Endodontics Society of The Philippines


  • 33rd ASIA –PACIFIC DENTAL CONGRESS  May 1-6 2011
  • OSSEOINTEGRATION ‘s 3 Modular Basic implant Training
  • Program For General Practitioners
  • South Korea March 24-27 2011
  • June 30-July 1 ,2011, Manila
  • September 15-17, 2011, Manila
Dr. Anselmo M. Tripon

Dr. Anselmo M. Tripon

Dr. Anselmo is very gentle in nature and has his special way to put people at ease. He enjoys all aspects of general and family dentistry and has a special interest in providing preventive care.

After graduating Dr. Anselmo worked for one year in one of the most prestigious and internationally recognized dental practice in Makati, Manila.He then moved to BelAire in 2009 where enjoys high regards from his senior colleagues for his dedication and passion in his work.

Dr. Anselmo holds the following educational qualifications:   

  • Bachelor of Science in Dentistry, year 2007 from Iloilo Doctors’ College School of Dentistry
  • National Dental Board Examination, December 2007
  • Iloilo Doctor’s College School of Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Medicine, March 2007
  • DumangasPolytechnic  College Iloilo City Philippines,2001

His affiliations include:

  • Philippine Dental Association
  • Member, Makati Dental Society

Bel-Air Dental Clinic

Bel-Air Dental Clinic is a multi-specialty centrally located in Makati City, Manila.

The clinic has been providing a complete range of dental treatments to international patients for many years.

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