Facelift procedure

Rhytidectomy / Facelift

This is a surgical treatment designed to improve or eliminate signs of aging on the face and neck. Face lift, as it is popularly called, is done when there is facial sagging in the middle of the face, creasing on the lower eyelids, jowls caused by loss of skin tone of the lower face, and loose skin and excess fat deposits under the jaw or chin and others.

Our Pricing

MACS Facelift

PHP 170,000 – 190,000
AUD 4,857 – 5,428

  • All prices are inclusive of Surgeon fee, Anesthesiologist fee (if applicable), Operating Theatre fee and follow up visits
  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • AUD price is based on calculating the exchange rate of AUD1 = PHP 35
  • All prices are indicative prices and may vary from the final treatment price. We recommend to contact us for more accurate treatment plan.
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