Cosmetic Price Comparison

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Check out our price comparison in Australian Dollar for cosmetic surgeries done in the Philippines versus in Australia.

Cosmetic SurgeriesDetailsDuration Our Price Price In AustraliaSavings
EXCISIONNevus, Epidermal Inclusion Cyst, Lipoma1 hourAUD228 to AUD285AUD350 to AUD500up to AUD215
Difficult (Lesions on face)1 hourAUD285 to AUD428 (biopsy fee not yet included)AUD350 to AUD800up to AUD370
SCAR REVISION Face1-2 hoursAUD428 to AUD570AUD700 to AUD1,000up to AUD430
Other body parts (< than 5cms)1-2 hoursAUD285 to AUD428AUD700 to AUD1,000up to AUD430
Other body parts (> than 5cms)1-2 hoursAUD428 to AUD570AUD700 to AUD1,000up to AUD430
RHINOPLASTY Open Rhinoplasty using medical grade silicone implant1-2 hoursAUD1,142 to AUD1,285AUD9,000up to AUD6,700
Alarplasty (Alar Trimming)1-2 hoursAUD715 to AUD857AUD9,000up to AUD6,700
Open Rhinoplasty, Silicone implant1-2 hoursAUD2,000 to AUD2,285AUD9,000up to AUD6,700
BLEPHAROPLASTYUpper or Lower Only1-2 hoursAUD1,142 to AUD1,285AUD2,750 to AUD4,950up to AUD3,665
Upper & Lower1-2 hoursAUD2,000 to AUD2,285AUD4,950 to AUD8,800up to AUD6,500
Eyelid Fold Creation (Suture Only)1-2 hoursAUD857 to AUD1,000AUD2,000 to AUD2,500up to AUD1,500
Eyelid Fold Creation 1-2 hoursAUD1,142 to AUD1,285AUD2,500 to AUD3,300up to AUD2,000
RYHTIDECTOMY/ FACELIFTMACS Facelift2-3 hoursAUD4,857 to AUD5,428AUD9,000 to AUD15,000up to AUD9,500
BROW/ FOREHEAD LIFT1-2 hoursAUD3,715 to AUD4,285AUD6,000 to AUD8,500up to AUD4,200
BREAST AUGMENTATION(with implant)2 hoursAUD5,142 to AUD5,715AUD10,000 to AUD15,000up to AUD9,285
MASTOPEXY/BREAST LIFT3 hoursAUD5,715AUD8,000 to AUD12,000up to AUD6,200
BREAST REDUCTION2 hoursAUD7,142AUD9,000 to AUD13,000up to AUD5,800
LIPOSUCTIONAbdomen1-2 hoursAUD4,571 to AUD5,142AUD5,000 to AUD10,000up to AUD4,800
Arms 1-2 hoursAUD2,000 to AUD2,285AUD4,000 to AUD5,000up to AUD2,700
Thighs1-2 hoursAUD4,571 to AUD5,142AUD5,000 to AUD10,000up to AUD4,800
ABDOMINOPLASTY/ TUMMY TUCK2-4 hoursAUD5,428 to AUD6,285AUD8,960 to AUD11,500up to AUD5,200
OTOPLASTYPer Ear/ Auricle2 hrsAUD857 to AUD1,142AUD4,990 to AUD5,500up to AUD4,300
BOTOX INJECTIONPer area1 hrAUD150AUD100 to AUD300up to AUD150
FILLERS (RESTYLANE)Per 1 ml1 hrAUD514 to AUD571AUD600 to AUD700up to AUD130
FAT GRAFTINGPer area2-4 hrsAUD1,685 to AUD2,142AUD4,500 to AUD7,000up to AUD4,858


  • All prices are inclusive of Surgeon fee, Anesthesiologist fee (if applicable), Operating Theatre fee and follow up visits
  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • AUD price is based on calculating the exchange rate of AUD1 = PHP 35
  • All prices are indicative prices and may vary from the final treatment price. We recommend to contact us for more accurate treatment plan.
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