About Founders


Luca Perra and June Jonnah Sanchez-Perra- Founders of Safe Haven Medical Holiday.

Luca Perra

Luca Perra is a seasoned hospitality and travel expert, who has enjoyed first-hand the benefits of the best dental services in Manila.

With over 25 years managing companies in tourism and hospitality, and having traveled extensively, Luca has worked with clients from all over the world. He has a deep affinity with the Philippines and has traveled there many times for work, pleasure and medical treatment. Through this, Luca has built a solid network of medical practitioners and tourism service providers in the Philippines.

Luca is detail focused and is driven to maximize customer satisfaction in all facets of his work. He believes word of mouth is the best marketing tool of all and values honesty and integrity in his professional and personal life.

Luca has an intrinsic ability to understand people’s needs and finds deep satisfaction in helping others reach their goals.

June Jonnah Sanchez-Perra

June Jonnah Perra is an Australian accountant born and raised in the Philippines.

June is passionate about personal health care and keeping ties to her mother country strong.

June makes an effort to ensure all her clients are fully informed of the risks and benefits of their treatments, and has empathy for anyone considering medical treatment in the Philippines. She and Luca have both received medical treatment in the Philippines and understand first hand all the questions and concerns her clients have.

Above all, June is committed to providing the safest medical care and finding the best professionals to suit your needs. June’s extensive local knowledge of the Philippines means she can save you thousands of dollars on medical procedures and find you the best places to relax and enjoy your holidays.

Our Story – our experience of Filipino health care

Safe Haven Medical Holiday was born from our own personal experiences with medical and dental care in the Philippines. We want to help fellow Australians find safe, affordable, highest quality medical care – just as we have – with the option of having a wonderful holiday experience afterwards.

Some years ago, Luca needed some work done on his teeth. He’d never heard of medical tourism or having medical procedures in other countries. A friend referred us to a dentist in Manila – who he and many of his colleagues had seen.

After contacting this dentist via email and agreeing on the procedure, we decided to take a leap of faith and flew to the Philippines.

We found the clinic, the staff, the dentist and the service to be just as good as the ones back home. The real difference was in the price. Luca’s teeth were fixed and we saved enough money to pay for the return ticket and have a relaxing time in a beautiful island destination.

A few years down the track,we regularly visit the Philippines and have our dental procedures done in Manila. Having done this for some time now, we know that the doctors we have chosen to see in the Philippines are as good as doctors in Australia.


So we decided to create Safe Haven Medical Holiday to help other Australians and New Zealanders to have their medical needs met in an easy, safe and affordable way.


We look forward to helping you access the excellent medical facilities and unique holidays on offer in the Philippines.


June and Luca

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