Specialists in safe medical holidays in the Philippines

Save thousands of dollars on quality dental and cosmetic procedures and then relax in one of the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations.

Look and feel better. Then relax somewhere beautiful.

Safe Haven Medical Holiday is an Australian provider of exceptional service to clients seeking dental and cosmetic surgery in the Philippines.
We offer a range of treatment options for dental and cosmetic surgery and holiday options for your relaxed recovery.

Safe Haven Medical Holiday: Dental and Cosmetic Surgery Specialists

At Safe Haven Medical Holiday, we have chosen to specialize in dental and cosmetic surgery. Our team has visited all the clinics we partner with, know the doctors personally, and we have had treatment with these doctors ourselves. So we are confident in recommending their expertise to you every single time… Read more

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    Need major dental work and shocked by the fees at home?  We’ve been through this too. That’s how we discovered all the amazing benefits of having our teeth cared for by our wonderful dentists in Manila…


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    Whether you’re looking for a complete Mummy Makeover, a facelift or a tummy tuck; we have a range of affordable treatment package options.  Cosmetic surgery is a popular choice for women and men wanting to improve or enhance their physical appearance…


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    Island Destinations

    The Philippines is renowned for its exquisite tropical waters, pristine beaches and its warm, hospitable, English speaking people. We’ll help you find the very best beach breaks to enjoy after your procedure…


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Get world-class medical treatment sooner –
for a fraction of the price at home

Safe Haven Medical Holiday provides a safe, affordable medical travel and facilitating service.
We are an Australian medical travel facilitator providing access to high quality cosmetic and dental treatments in the Philippines for a fraction of the high cost you pay at home.

With the money and time you save, you can relax and reward yourself with a post-treatment holiday in one of our hand-selected, gorgeous Philippines island destinations.

Fully-accredited, reputable dentists, surgeons and medical professionals

Safe Haven Medical Holiday provides access to a range of health care options in the Philippines.
Most of our dentists, surgeons and medical professionals have trained and worked in the US.
Fully accredited in dental and cosmetic surgery, they will provide you with the same care you would expect from a highly qualified expert at home.

Talk to us about how you can get safe, affordable dental treatment in the Philippines

Medical Travel Insurance

We have partnered with Global Protective Solutions, a leading specialist medical tourism insurer, so you can have confidence you’re covered for your travel and medical procedures.

The Philippines

The ideal destination for treatments and travel

With some of the best medical facilities and doctors in Asia, and lower costs for the same procedures at home –
The Philippines is an excellent option for Australians considering medical treatment overseas.
More than 90% of people in the Philippines speak English, making travel and medical treatment in the Philippines easy.

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